You Are My Sunshine

There was a little boy named Michael.  He was five years old.  His mother told him you will be having a baby sister.  He was so excited.  His mother told him you can sing to the baby.   Everyday he would sing, "You are my sunshine my only sunshine" to his baby sister over and over again.  As the time grew closer for the baby to be born, the doctor told his parents that there were complications. 

On the day his baby sister was born, the doctor told them that she would not live through the night. 
The hospital had a rule that no children were allowed to visit.  Against hospital rules, Michael's mother decided that he should be brought to the hospital to see his baby sister.  The head nurse saw Michael in the room and said he could not stay.  He would have to leave. 


Suddenly, Michael began to sing to his baby sister, "You are my sunshine my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are gray.  You never know dear how much I love you.  Please don't take  my sunshine away". 


As he sang, the head nurse noticed that the baby's heart rate began going down and her vital signs soon returned to normal.  Upon seeing such amazing results, the head nurse allowed Michael to stay.  He continued to sing to his baby sister.  In a few days the baby was released from the hospital.  Michael's "sunshine" went home.




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