Ten Benefits of God's Favor

  1. Supernatural increase and promotion. (Genesis 39:21)

  2. Restoration of all the enemy has stolen. (Exodus 3:21)

  3. Honor in the midst of adversaries. (Exodus 11:3)

  4. Increased assets, especially real estate. (Deuteronomy 33:23)

  5. Greater victories in the midst of greater odds or impossibilities. (Joshua 11:20)

  6. Recognition even when I seem to be the least likely to receive it. (I Samuel 16:22)

  7. Prominence and preferential treatment. (Esther 2:17)

  8. Petitions granted even by ungodly civil authorities. (Esther 5:8)

  9. Policies, rules, regulations, laws changed to my advantage. (Esther 8:5)

10.  Battles won I won’t have to fight because God fights for me. (Psalm 44:3)    


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